Amika dry shampoo vs. Batiste

Amika dry shampoo vs. Batiste

Amika dry shampoo vs. Batiste

I’m here to help you choose between these two dry shampoos for your hair.

Amika dry shampoo and Batiste original dry shampoo both work miracles in between wash days.

But which is best according to your scalp condition and hair type? 

This comparison is based on the use of Amika dry shampoo and Batiste original dry shampoo on different hair types and scalp types.

We will test company claims and make a comparative list of both dry shampoos to make it easy for you to choose the best.

Ingredients Comparison

Amika dry shampoo Batiste dry shampoo
Sea buckthorn Absent 
Fatty acid omega 7 Absent 
Rice starch Rice starch 
Butan Butane 
Propane Propane 
Alcohol denatAlcohol denat
Fragrance Fragrance 
Disteardimonium HectoriteAntimicrobial and anti-bacterial Cetrimonium Chloride
Water Absent 
Preservatives Preservatives 
 Rambutan seed extract 
 Arrowroot powder 
 Mandelic acid 

Pros of Amika dry shampoo vs. Batiste 

Amike perk up dry shampoo vs Batiste original dry shampoo
Amika perks up dry shampoo Batiste original dry shampoo
Non Greasy Non Greasy  (Less than Amika) 
Lightweight Lightweight 
powder free Powder-free 
No white residue No white residue 
Good scentFresh scent 
easy to sprayeasy to spray
Didn’t dry out hair Didn’t dry out hair 
Easily absorbed  (1 to 2 minutes)Easily absorbed  (2-4 minutes) 
Absorb oil Absorb oil 
Give texture to hair Little texture 
Add volume Add volume 
Omega 7 rich Omega 7 deficient 
All hair typesLight, dry, and oily hair types
Water for hydration Water absent 
Absorb odour Absorb odour

Cons of Amika dry shampoo vs. Batiste

Amika dry shampoo Batiste dry shampoo
may cause hair fall  (In some people) unexpected hair fall 
Expensive Not expensive 
Chemical based Chemical based 
Not for asthmatic patients Not for asthmatic patients 
Strong scent Strong scent 
Contain Alcohol Contain Alcohol 

Note: Dry shampoo may not work on your hair or may not absorb oil effectively; it depends on your scalp condition and hair type. Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo works best on non-oily, not-too-dry hair types, whereas Batiste works best on dry and oily hair types.

Amika dry shampoo vs. Batiste 

FeaturesAmika dry shampoo Batiste dry shampoo
Alcohol Present Present 
Hair type All hair types Oily and dry hair 
Oil absorption Best Least
White residue Not seenNot seen 
Scent Strong fragrance Strong fragrance 
Natural/Chemical Chemical Chemical 
Omega 7 Present Absent 
Preservatives Present Present 
Dry hair Didn’t dry Didn’t dry 
Allergy Non-allergic Non-allergic 
Powder Free Free 
Type SpreySprey
Greasy Non-greasy Non-greasy 
Antimicrobial/antibacterial properties Not seenPresent 
Price Expensive Not expensive 

How to use Amika dry shampoo vs. Batiste original dry shampoo 

How to use Amika dry shampoo vs. Batiste original dry shampoo 

Step 1: Shake well before using.

Step 2: Hold 8 inches away.

Step 3: Spray on the desired area, focusing on the roots.

Step 4: Wait for 30 seconds.

Step 5: Massage your scalp gently, like washing.

Step 6: Brush thoroughly.

Check price

Rating  Value for money

Amika dry shampoo

Batiste dry shampoo

Overall Rating

Amika dry shampoo

Batiste dry shampoo

Frequently asked questions

What does Amika’s dry shampoo smell like? 

Amika’s dry shampoo smells like fresh citrus fruits and vanilla. It’s a strong scent that is quite unpleasant and not good for asthmatic patients…
The Amika dry shampoo smell causes you a headache, and its smell lasts for 2 to 3 days even after washing hair.

Do Batiste and Amika dry shampoos contain alcohol? 

Both Batista and Amika dry shampoo contain alcohol denat, which absorbs oil and greasy hair and cleans dandruff.

Does dry shampoo damage the scalp and hair and cause hair fall? 

Continuous use of dry shampoo that is more than 2 days in a row for a longer period
According to WebMD, dry shampoo leaves residue on your scalp, and if you do not wash your scalp regularly, it may cause irritation, inflammation, hair fall, and also cause you to get dandruff.

Can we use Batiste dry shampoo every day?

Using dry shampoo every day leads to the accumulation of shampoo residues in your scalp that may cause dandruff, inflammation, and irritation, so it is not recommended to use Batiste dry shampoo every day.

Does Amika dry shampoo or Batiste dry shampoo have benzene?

Benzene is a chemical substance that produces several health issues like cancer, and it is used in many shampoos as an aerosol.
In Amike Perk Up Dry Shampoo, benzene is not detected, and the company claims it is 0.1 ppm in perk-up dry shampoo.
Batiste dry shampoo contains benzene, as per the report by jdspura.
Continuous exposure to even a small amount of benzene may cause severe health issues like cancer.

Is dry shampoo better than washing your hair? 

Dry shampoo is not better than washing your hair. Washing your hair deeply cleans germs and dandruff and hydrates your scalp, whereas dry shampoo leaves residues on the scalp that may cause irritation, redness, and inflammation.

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