Livia period pain Relief device

Livia period pain Relief device Review.

Every woman and girl suffer from period pain called  Dysmenorrhea every month. Pain starts before the menses and lasts for 48 to 72 hours due to the hormone prostaglandin which causes contraction of the uterus and menstrual cramps.

The pain from which every woman endures, but still has to work with this pain about 20-50% of reproductive-age women suffer from period pain called Dysmenorrhea.

Most women take painkiller tablets to reduce period pain but taking a painkiller regularly damages the liver and may have other side effects so it’s not a good idea to take painkillers.

Then the question is what should women do so women get rid of this period of pain and menstrual cramps? Here comes the Device called Livia period pain relief that reduces menstrual cramps and thus period pain by simple technology.

Product Description:-

Livia is a device that switches off period pain and menstrual cramps  Its mode of action is very different from painkiller drugs and most importantly, Livia is free from side effects.

As Livia’s period pain reliever is free from drugs and effective period pain reduces in 30 seconds most safely.

The device comes with a weight of 0.056 kg compact, lightweight, comfortable, and stylish.

Period pain

Working women carry it to their office or workplace. Livia period pain relievers easily fit under a loose t-shirt and sweater.

A single charge gives a 15-hour-long battery backup that is sufficient for any woman who is busy with their work and can’t plug in Livia’s period pain relief into the charger and it is fully charged in just 1hr 15 minutes by a simple USB Cable.

Livia package comes with everything that you need i.e 1 Livia device,1 USB cable, Livia case, and 1 set of Livia flowered pads.

How does Livia’s period pain relief work?

The principle of working a device is based on a body’s pain modulation theories and the nerves involved in it. 

The pain in the body is modulated by a gate control theory that increases or decreases the intensity of pain produced in the body by the action of different stimuli.

Livia’s period pain relief device action on this gate control mechanism and make the gate close so no stimulus of pain reaches the higher center that is the brain and therefore no feeling of period pain and menstrual cramps.

Livia’s period of pain relief only inhibits nerves that carry pain stimulus to the gate hence there are no side effects on other body parts.

This inhibition of nerve pain stimulus is temporary so women start pain again after 30 -40 minutes switching off the Livia period pain relief device.

Product Details 

  • Brand:- Livia
  • Item form:- Device 
  •  Recommend for:- women and girl 
  • Color:- Blue and green 
  • Country of Origin:- India

Benefits of Livia’s period pain relief device 

  • Drug-free switch-off period pain and menstrual cramps.


Livia menstrual cramp relief


  • Fast relief from menstrual cramps and period pain. 
  • Safe and no side effects, instant pain reliever, and no more menstrual cramps.
  • No more need for slow-acting painkillers and their side effects.

Side effects of Livia period pain relief device


After a deep study of the product and getting reviews from customers, no such side effects were seen till now. It is safe to use anytime and anywhere.

What I like about Livia’s period pain relief device
  • Instant pain relief in 30 to 60 seconds.
  • No side effects and drug-free
  • The portable device you can carry to any place 
  • A lightweight, small, and stylish device that looks fashionable.


Why to choose Livia pain relief device


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  • Long life battery up to 15 hr
  • Fast charging in 1 hour by USB cable  
  • FDA Approved
  • Wearable under clothes.
  • Solve girl’s and women’s pain problems

What I don’t like about Livia’s period pain relief?

  • The device can be broken if it falls from a height.
  • Not waterproof so it may be damaged by water.
  • Not affordable for poor women especially in India

My recommendation:-


After seeing all the pros and cons of the Livia period pain relief device I recommend it to all women and girls who suffer from unbearable period pain and menstrual cramps 

Yes, it is costly but not more than the pain you feel every month. The comfort you feel in your office, the decrease in your concentration on your work all this because of period pain and menstrual cramps.

Buy noe

Frequently Asked Questions?

Does the Livia period pain relief device switch off  Period 5 days late cramping and back pain?

Yes Livia period pain relief device period pain and late cramps.
The mechanism of switching off period pain and menstrual cramps is the same that is by closing the gate control mechanism of pain.

Does the Livia period pain relief device act the same for every woman’s menstrual cramps?

It depends on the intensity of the pain and menstrual cramp slower the pain is faster it will reduce more intense the pain take more time to completely abolish the period of pain.

Do Livia period pain relief devices have any side effects?

Till now such side effects are complained about..and no side effects mentioned by the company. On the package, of the Livia period pain relief device  it is written that zero side effects 

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