Oziva immunity booster review

OZiva immunity booster with Multivitamin review | how to use, benefits side effects

In the world of diseases and infection, we need good and killer immunity to protect our bodies.COVID-19 gives us the importance of the immune system to fight against COVID-19 viruses and make us healthy and fit.

As a medical field professional, I recommend people’s natural ways to boost the immune system, but in severe cases, we provide them with medicine that enhances their immunity faster.

After noticing all the effects of this product I’m writing this review.

OZiva immunity booster with a multivitamin is a natural product that helps your body to boost the immune system and fight against diseases and I’m here to help you to choose the right product, read the review carefully and make your decision.

Product Description:-

OZiva immunity booster is a plant-based Multivitamin immunity booster that helps your body to fight against several infections and diseases.

OZiva has plant-based vitamin C that has 15 times more antioxidant power than any chemical-based vitamin C.

It contains other multivitamins A, C, D3, and E, minerals, iron, zinc Guava, and curry leaf all these improve respiratory and heart health and boost the capacity of the body to fight pathogens, viruses, and bacterial infections.

Benefits of OZiva immunity booster:-

As the product effect depends only on the ingredients it contains and in what proportion?

Vitamin C is a great antioxidant and OZiva Contains a plant-based multivitamin that is more powerful than synthetic vitamins.OZiva immunity booster makes skin better, improves absorption

  • Multivitamins A, D3, and E:All the vitamins have their role in managing the body’s fighting capacity against pathogens for the smooth working of the body’s function.
  • Elderberry extracts:– Elderberry extracts contain vitamins A, C, and zinc which improve respiratory health to fight against infection and increase the production of natural killer cells, antibodies, and memory cells of the body thus producing a great impact on the body’s immune system functioning.
  • Tulsi extract:- Tulsi has been used in the treatment of diseases since ancient times when no medicine was available everyone drank tulsi Kada during the period of COVID-19 and the OZiva immunity booster contains the same tulsi extract which you believe for your health and your family’s health.
  • Guduchi: Studies say Guduchi has great antimicrobial activity and improves humoral and cell-mediated immunity. It increases the leukocyte count in the body.
  • Acerola cherry:- super antioxidant food best for increasing the fighting capacity of the body.

Product details:-

  • Brand name:- OZiva
  • Flavor:-Apple
  • Dosage form:-powder
  • Recommended for:- Adults 
  • Country of Origin:- India 
  • Chemical-free:- Yes


  • Immunity blend:Elderberry extract, Amla powder, Tulsi extract, Guduchi, Pink salt.
  • Antioxidant blend:- Lemon powder, Orange juice Powder, Pomegranate Powder, strawberry powder, and black salt.
  • Other ingredients:-
  • Natural sweetener, natural flavor
  • Allergens information:- soy, vegan, GMO-free 

What I like about the OZiva immunity booster:-

Getting serious about immunity and Health is good for all of us but many products have side effects which make us feel sick and tired when we start consuming them. 

Oziva immunity booster review
Oziva immunity booster review

When I tried the OZiva immunity booster I felt energetic the whole day.

A small cold and cough take too long to cure but after 1months of OZiva immunity booster I get rid of the cold and cough easily, I am writing this review only when I tried it and got results, not for selling purposes.

  • Maybe you don’t like the taste
  • Unavailable on offline store  

My recommendation:-

If you’re looking for some products that help you in boosting immunity then you should go with the OZiva immunity booster.

It’s natural without any side effects and effective as well you will see results in the first month of use 

Directions of use:- 

  • 2 capsules to be consumed 1-2 hours after dinner and before sleep
  • Continue it for at least 2-4 months 

Side effects:-

  • No such side effects were seen after use 
  • If your body is responsive to allergens then you must stop consuming them after seeing any allergy
  • If you already know the cause of the allergy then must real ingredients carefully and choose if any ingredients are allergens to you

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1:- Do pregnant women take the OZiva immunity booster?

Ans:- No you should consult your doctor first before taking any product or any medicine because it’s not only affecting you but the fetus too.

Q.2:- Do kids take OZiva immunity boosters?

Ans: The company does not specify age group but in my opinion not recommended for kids due to many reasons that kids develop their natural immunity in their childhood giving any product to them may affect natural immune growth

Q.3:- I never heard about brand names before.

Ans:- OZiva is a big brand in the field of making natural products

Q.4:- In how many days do the effects are seen in the body?

Ans:- Within 15-30 days you feel the effect of the OZiva immunity booster 

Q.5:- Can a cancer patient take the OZiva immunity booster?

Ans:- yes OZiva immunity booster has natural ingredients that enhance body fighting capacity. Our body and immune system fight cancer cells by treating them as a foreign body and trying to destroy them so good immunity increases the chances of treating cancer patients 

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