Mamaearth vs. Mother Sparsh Tummy Roll On

Mamaearth vs. Mother Sparsh Tummy Roll on

Mamaearth vs Mother Sparsh tummy roll on

Which brand is good for your baby? 

Both the MamaEarth and MotherSparsh tummy roll-ons are based on natural ingredients and offer benefits for babies’ tummy pain relief, gas problems, colic reflex, difficulty passing stool, and bloating.

But if you are confused about choosing anyone for your baby’s problem, then you are at the right place to compare MamaEarth tummy roll-on and MotherSparsh tummy roll-on.

crying baby the whole night, but you do know how to get him or her relief from gastric pain so the baby will sleep peacefully.

Tummy roll-ons help you with this, but choosing the right one is difficult.

Let’s start our comparison of Mama Earth and Mother Sparsh Tummy Roll-On.

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Ingredient comparison 

Mamaearth tummy roll-on Mother Sparsh’s tummy roll-on
Hing Hing
Saunf oilSaunf oil
Peppermint oilPeppermint oil
Dill Seed Oil Dill seed oil
Ginger oil Ginger oil 
Pudina caprylic oil
Sova oil 

Pros- mamaearth vs mother Sparsh tummy roll-on 

Mamaearth tummy roll-on Mother Sparsh’s tummy roll-on
Relief bloatingRelief bloating
Cure indigestionCure indigestion
Relief from stomach acheRelief from stomach ache
Easy stools to pass Easy stools to pass 
Soften baby skin Soften baby skin 
Toxin-free Toxin-free 
Natural ingredients Natural ingredients 
SLS free SLS free 
Parabens free Parabens free 
Mineral oil free Mineral oil free 
applicable to sensitive skinapplicable to sensitive skin
Reduce gastric reflux reduces gastric reflux 
Colic pain relief Colic pain relief 
 The antimicrobial and antibacterial properties 

Cons- mamaearth vs mother Sparsh tummy roll on

Mamaearth tummy roll-on Mother Sparsh’s tummy roll-on
may cause allergiesMay cause allergies
may not like the odor.
Discomfort baby 
does not moisturize skin

mamaearth vs mother Sparsh tummy roll onComparision

PropertiesMamaearth tummy roll-onMothersparsh tummy roll-on
Colic pain Give Relief Give Relief 
Gas Relief Relief 
Indigestion Reduces Reduces
Boating Cure Cure 
Gastric reflux Cure Cure 
Moisturizing NoMoisture skin
SLS Free Free 
Paraben Free Free 
Skin type All skin types All skin types 
Allergy May cause May cause 
Roll on time.2 to 4 minutes 2 to 4 minutes 
Natural/chemical Natural Natural 
Odor Hing / ajwain Hing /ajwain 
Comfort Discomfort Comfortable 

How to use the Tummy Roll

Mamaearth vs. Mother Sparsh Tummy Roll On

Apply directly around the navel area for around 2–4 minutes.

Use 3 to 4 times if needed.


Mamaearth tummy roll-on Rating

Mother Sparsh Tummy roll-on

Frequently asked questions 

Is the tummy roll-on safe for babies? 

Tummy roll-ons are safe for babies. Most tummy roll-ons are made of natural ingredients like hing, peppermint, and pudina that give instant relief from stomach pain.
Some of the natural ayurvedic ingredients may cause allergies, so do patch tests before use.

What is a tummy roll-on? 

Tummy roll-on is the medication used for children above 3 months to get relief from gastric pain, indigestion, constipation, gas problems, bloating, and gas problems.

How many times does the tummy roll-on we use in a day? 

You can use it 4–5 times a day if the pain does not relieve around the navel or belly.

Is the tummy roll-on effective? 

Tummy roll-on is effective for stomach pain, gas relief, constipation, bloating, and indigestion in babies.
Some brands, like Mother’s Sparsh and MamaEarth, make the most effective tummy roll-ons for babies.

Can we use a tummy roll-on for a 1-month-old baby? (Mamaearth tummy roll-on) 

No tummy roll-ons are made for a baby older than 3 months.
As a newborn baby’s stomach is not completely functionally developed, applying any product may cause allergies and other side effects; avoid using any product. 

Does Mother Sparsh Hing’s roll-on provide instant relief from gas? 

Mother Sparsh’s tummy roll-on provides instant gas relief in babies.
The gas problem may be due to indigestion and constipation. Mother’s Sparsh Tummy Roll-On gives relief from these problems.

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