Mamaearth face wash vs Wow face wash

Mamaearth Face wash vs Wow face wash

Mamaearth face wash vs Wow science face wash which is better for your skin?

Mamaearth and Wow both are well-known and established brands in the field of producing natural beauty and wellness products.

Here we compare different facewashes of mamaearth and Wow science according to their benefits and use on the type of skin problems.

Mamaearth Ubtan face wash vs Wow science Ubtan face wash

Ubtan face wash is made for tan removal, skin brightening, sun damage, oil cleanser, protection from free radicals, and wrinkle removal.

Mamaearth Ubtan face wash vs Wow ubtan face wash

All benefits are expected from all Ubtan face wash if it is of mamaearth or wow science. 

Let’s check it out which is better Mamaearth Ubtan face wash or Wow science Ubtan face wash?

Ingredients Comparison:- 

Ingredients Mamaearth Ubtan face wash Wow science Ubtan face wash
Turmeric extract Present (give a natural glow and protect from premature aging)Present (same as mamaearth)
Walnut Beads Present (Remove dead skin cells)Absent 
SaffronPresent (protect from UV light, reduce wrinkles & acne, glowing skin, damage repair & prevent ingrown hair)Present (protect from UV light, reduce wrinkles & acne, glowing skin, damage repair & prevent ingrown hair)
Carrot seed oilPresent (moisturizing skin and removing tan) Absent (This property is absent) 
Chickpea flour (Besan) Absent Present (anti pimple, remove tan, brighten skin & clear oil)
Almond Extract Absent Present ( remove acne, reduce puffiness under eyes, prevent sun damage reduces scar, best for dry skin) 
Sandalwood oilAbsentPresent (Reduce wrinkles, lighten skin, prevent dryness, acne inhibitor.) 
Check Out Derailed Comparison Wow Ubtan face wash and Mamaearth Ubtan Face wash comparison

Pros & Cons Comparison between mama earth Ubtan face wash and Wow Ubtan face wash

Pros/Consmamaearth Ubtan face wash Wow science Ubtan face wash
Tan Yes it removes Remove 
Glow skinYes Yes 
Protection from UV radiation Mama Earth Ubtan face wash Yes
Skin type All skin types All skin types 
Wrinkles prevention Not show Some people feel it 
Puffiness under eyesMama Earth Ubtan face wash It reduces puffiness 
Anti pimple It prevents acne mildly It more effective against acne 
ingrown hair It prevents.Wow also prevents 
Oil It clear oilIt also clear oil 
ScarNo effect on ScarReduce scar
Type Regular face wash Foaming face wash
Rating 4.84.5

Wow Science Vitamin C faces vs Mamaearth vitamin C face wash

Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that prevents our skin from free radicals, sun damage, and external pollution.

Mamaearth vitamin c face wash vs Wow science Vitamin C face wash

Vitamin C is the first choice of a dermatologist for skin care, and According to Study Vitamin C prevents aging, wrinkles, dry skin, acne, and inflammation and gives fine texture and appearance.

Let’s Compare the Vitamin C face wash of Mamaearth and wow science.

Ingredient Comparison:-

Ingredients Mamaearth vitamin C face wash Wow Science Vitamin C face wash
Vitamin CPresent Present 
Turmeric Present (Remove dead skin, glow, prevent acne )Absent 
Aloe Vera Present (Prevent acne, moisturize skin & Soften ).Not present to this benefit is lacking.
Mulberry & Liquorice Extract Absent Present (Powerful antioxidant so it doubles antioxidant benefits,& Glow skin).
Lemon & Orange Oils Absent Present (good for oily skin, and Anti-aging).

Pros and cons Comparison between Mama Earth and Wow Vitamin C face wash

Pros/ConsMamaearth vitamin C face wash Wow Science Vitamin C face wash 
Anti-aging properties Present Present 
Glow skin Yes Yes 
UV radiation protection It protects but less as compared to wow Great Sun protection due to double antioxidants.
Reduce wrinkles YesYes
Moisturizer Excellent moisturizer Weak moisturizer 
Skin type All skin types ( Best for oily skin)All skin types ( best for oily skin) 
AcneMore potent Acne protector Less potent Acne protector.
Dead skin removal Good Poor
Skin softening Give instant skin softeningIt also softens the skin
Chemical Chemical free Chemical free 
Rating 4.84.8

Mamaearth anti-acne face wash vs Wow Anti-acne face wash | Comparison

Both Mamaearth and Wow Science anti-acne face wash contain tea tree as a main ingredient which affects the same in both but other supporting ingredients make face wash effectiveness different.

Mamaearth tea tree face wash vs Wow science tea tree face wash

Let’s compare Mamaearth and wow tea tree face wash.

Ingredients Comparison:-

Mamaearth tea tree face wash ingredients Wow anti-acne face wash ingredients
Tea tree oil extraction Tea tree oil extract
Aloe vera Extract Aloe vera Extract 
Neem leaf extract Neem leaf extract 
lavender oilMulberry & licorice,
AllantoinVitamins E
Vitamin B5Vitamin B5
D PanthenolSalicylic Acid
Disodium Cocoamphodiacetate Hyaluronic acid
Aqua, Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate, Glycerine, Sodium PCA

Pros and Cons of Mamaearth tea tree face wash & wow anti-acne face wash 

Pros/ConsMamaearth tea tree face wash wow anti-acne face wash
Prevent Acne Tea tree oil is good for acne prevention Not control acne effectively.
Sensitivity Good for sensitive skin Not good for sensitive skin 
Oily skin Excellent work on oily skinModerate on oily skin 
Cooling effect Present More potent 
blackheads and whiteheads,ReducesReduces 
Acne scarsLightensLightens 
Skin Dryness It causes dryness so moisturizer needed It makes skin dry after use 
Fragrance Good Not good 
AllergyLess More ( redness, pimples on face ).
Skin hydration LessMore due to hyaluronic acid 
Value for money 4.64.0
Rating 4.84.0

How to use:-

Step 1:- Wet your face with water.

Step 2:- Take the required amount of face washes on the palm.

Step 3:- Gently apply on your face and massage for a couple of minutes

Step 4:- Rinse with water and pat dry after that you can apply moisturizer or cream if needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which face wash is best for oily skin mama earth or wow?

Ans:- For Oily skin, Mamaearth tea tree is better if you have Sensitive and acne-prone skin otherwise if your skin is normal and not sensitive then Wow Science Ubtan face wash is for your oily skin.

Which face wash of wow is best? 

Ans:- Wow vitamin C face wash is best due to double antioxidant benefits and extra lemon and orange oil benefits that keep your skin hydrated and smooth, clear oil, and glowing skin.

Which mamaearth face wash is best?

Ans:- Mamaearth tea tree face wash is the best Mamaearth face wash for acne prevention and oil control. It is effective on sensitive as well as non-sensitive skin and does not cause redness or allergy.
For normal glowing skin, Mama Earth Ubtan face wash is best suitable for all skin types and gives instant glowing skin 

Can we use Wow or mamaearth face wash daily?

Ans:- Both wow and mamaearth face wash are made for daily usage even if you can use it twice or thrice a day for better and faster results there is no harm in using mamaearth or wow face wash daily.

Which is more chemical-free mama earth or wow face wash?

Ans:- Mamaearth face wash is more chemicals-free than Wow face wash. if we see the ingredients information on the back of the face wash it is clear that it contains other ingredients also other than active ingredients.

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