Lakme vs Mamaearth | Which is better

Lakme vs Mamaearth | Which is better

Lakme vs Mamaearth which is better?

Lakme and Mamaearth are both popular brands and make a wide range of beauty products, but choosing among them is difficult for us.

In this article, we will compare both brands in detail and try to find which brand is better for you.

This is a brand comparison, not a specific product. The specific products of both brands may vary according to your needs, but you can make a choice knowing about the brand and trusting it.



Lakme provides a wide range of beauty products that cater to the different needs of consumers. Lakme products are not all natural; they contain all types of ingredients 

according to the needs of consumers.

Lakme Has products targeting various skin concerns, such as acne, oil control, and anti-aging.


Mamaearth makes Natural beauty and haircare products for men, women, and babies.

Mamaeart focuses on addressing specific concerns like dryness, pigmentation, and sensitivity.


Lakme products:-

Lakme products are infused with a wide range of ingredients, including natural extracts, synthetics, preservatives, and chemicals.

Mamaearth products:-

Mamaearth makes products specifically with natural ingredients, including herbs, fruits, and vegetables.

Lakme vs Mamaearth Benefits

Lakme products Mamaearth products 
Available in a variety of sizes Wide range of products (less than Lakme) 
Good customer support Available in a variety of size 
Available in a variety of sizes More specific to sensitive skin 
Available at the offline store  Available in a variety of sizes 
Customer service is good but not good as Lakme Available at offline stores (less than Lakme) 
Luxury products Affordable 

Lakme vs Mamaearth Cons 

Lakme products Cons Mamaearth products Cons 
The narrow range of productsSome products contain synthetic ingredients 
Expensive Customer service not established 
Packaging is not as eco-friendly as Mamaearth’sNarrow range of products
Not good for sensitive skin Not good for other skin types 
May contain parabens and sulfatesSome products can be drying
Some products can be fragrancedSome products can be fragranced

Lakme Customer Reviews and feedbacks 

Lakme products have mixed reviews, both positive and negative.

Positive reviews about the effectiveness, range, skincare, hair care, and makeup products

Some people complain about ingredients, allergies, and certain products’ quality.

Mamaearth Customer Reviews and feedbacks 

Mamaearth Maximum has positive reviews for its effectiveness and low price, but it also has negative reviews complaining about skin Rashes, itching, allergies, and other problems.

Pricing and Accessibility:


Lakme products’ price ranges vary from low to high.


Mamaearth products prices vary from low to high.

Ethical and Environmental Considerations:


Lakme is cruelty-free; they do not test on animals, and Lakme is PETA-approved.

Lakme makes vegan Products.


Mamaearth is certified cruelty-free and makes vegan Products.

Also, Mamaearth products come with eco-friendly packaging 

Brand Reputation and Popularity: 

Both brands are well-known and popular.  Lakme is an old brand with a wide range of products.

Mamaearth is a new brand with limited products that have become popular with its marketing strategy.

Target Audience and Consumer 

Lakme vs mamaearth which is better?


Appeals to a diverse customer base, including both mass market and premium segments.

Offers products for various age groups and skin types.


Targets consumers seeking natural and chemical-free beauty products, especially millennials and young parents.

Focuses on specific concerns faced by individuals and babies.


If you’re looking for affordable, natural, eco-friendly products for sensitive skin, then Mamaearth is a good choice for you.

If you want to go with luxury products with a wide range of skincare, hair care, and makeup products, Lakme is the best choice for you.

It depends on your personal choice Give a test run to some products of both brands and see the difference and effectiveness on your skin. This method will help you choose the product for long-term use.

Frequently asked questions 

Which brand is more effective? Lakme vs Mamaearth?

Both brands are effective for different people, but Mama Earth is more effective due to its natural ingredients and slow-acting formula. Natural ingredients take time to produce results, whereas Lakme products produce results with synthetic ingredients.

Lakme vs Mamaearth Which brand is more affordable?

Mamaearth products are more affordable than Lakme products, but some Lakme products come in the same range.

Lakme vs Mamaearth Which brand has better customer service? 

Mamaearth has better customer support through their direct calling system at
911206056711, +91 8901-555-444 (Mon.–Fri., 9 a.m.–6 p.m.),
Lakme’s customer service is also good You can contact their Customer Support team via email at, or Call our customer care at 1800 313 9293 

Which brand is more widely available? Lakme vs Mamaearth?

Lakme is widely available in the market; you can get Lakme products anywhere from online stores to local offline shops because Lakme is an old and popular brand with a larger distribution network. MamaEarth products are mostly available at online stores
 but are becoming increasingly available in offline stores.

Which brand is better for people with vegan or cruelty-free lifestyles? 

Both Mamaearth and Lakme have a wide range of cruelty-free and vegan products; both are PETA-certified brands.

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