Plum candy melt lip balm review

Plum candy melt lip balm review

Plum candy melt lip balm review

Caring for your lips is the most beautiful thing in our makeup routine, but choosing the right lip care products is difficult.

Lip balm is used for moisturizing, nourishing, softening, and a gorgeous look.

Plum launches their first candy melt lip balm in 4 variants, and it gets popular quickly as it nourishes our lips gently and is tinted with nature.

The Plum Candy Melt Lip Balm is a delightful lip care product that promises to provide both hydration and a hint of sweetness to your lips. With its unique candy melt formulation, this lip balm aims to moisturize and protect your lips while offering a delectable treat for your senses.

In this article, we will see in detail a review of plum candy melt lip balm ingredients, pros and cons, how to use it, safety, variations, price, and many more points that will help you choose the best product for your lips.

Plum candy melt lip balm ingredient

1. Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil

Castor seed oil is thick and viscous and makes lips moisturized. It is good for dry and chapped lips.

Castor Seed Oil can give the lips a glossy and lustrous appearance.

2. Hydrogenated Soy Polyglycerides 

It locks in moisture, keeping the lips soft and smooth, especially in dry and harsh environmental conditions.

3. C15-23 Alkane

It is an emollient and text enhancer, provides a non-greasy feel to lip balm formulation, and increases the shelf life of lip balm

4. Sorbitan Olivate 

It works as a moisturizer, stabilizer, hydration agent, emulsifier, and text enhancer.

Some people may experience allergic reactions and irritation to sorbitan olivate.

5. Flavor 

  does not disclose the flavor clearly, but it is a delightfully minty coco-scented lip balm.

6. Polyamide-8 

It enhances plum melt lip balm’s performance, hydration, moisturizer, smoothing, and softening effects.

7. Cetearyl Alcohol 

It acts as a vehicle for delivering other active ingredients in lip balm.

It acts as a thickening, emollient, and conditioning agent.

8. Olive Oil PEG-7 Esters 

It is an emulsifier. It helps to blend and stabilize the various ingredients in the lip balm formulation, ensuring that they mix together effectively and maintain a consistent texture.

9. Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Seed Butter

It gives plum candy melt lip balm pleasant Cocoa Seed Butter gives lip balms a pleasant chocolate-like aroma and taste and also has antioxidant, moisturizing, and Emollient Properties.

10. Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter 

It is an Intense moisturizer rich in antioxidants and vitamins that nourishes lips.

11. Olea Europaea (Olive) Oil

It helps to soften and smooth the lips’ texture and has a calming and soothing effect.

12. Copernicia Cerifera (Carnauba) Wax

Gloss and shine are essential for lip balm appearance enhancement. It prolongs the lip balm’s life and reduces frequent reapplication.

13. Daucus Carota Sativa (Carrot) Seed Oil 

helps give lip balms a solid and stable consistency. It adds firmness to the product, ensuring that it holds its shape and does not melt easily at higher temperatures.

14-Tocopheryl Acetate

It is a form of Vitamin E that has great antioxidant capabilities and Moisturizing and nourishing properties.

15-pentaerythrityl tetra-di-t-butyl Hydroxycinnamate 

It is a UV ray absorber that filters out harmful UV radiation. It also has antioxidant and texture-enhancing properties.

16. Sucralose 

Sucralose is used for only its sweetening effect in lip balm, which makes lip balm more tasty.

17. CI 77491, CI 77492, and CI 77499

These are the color additives that give lip balm various shades, colors, and transparency that allow the natural lip color to blend with the tint, resulting in a more flattering shade.

Plum candy melt lip balm review

Plum Candy Melt Lip Balm Pros 

  • Long-lasting 
  • Good for dry and chapped lips
  • Moisturize lips
  • Lock hydration
  • There is no need for frequent reapplication 
  • keep the lips soft and smooth.
  • Give the lips a glossy and lustrous appearance.
  • Prevention from UV rays, i.e SPF protection 
  • Wide range of shades and colors
  • Sweet taste 
  • Antioxidant properties
  • Easy application 

Plum Candy Melt Lip Balm Cons 

  • Limited Flavor Options
  • Light Tint
  • No intense pigmentation
  • Red Velvet’s nourishing power is more than Mint-O-Coco

Plum candy melt lip balm Expiry date

It depends on the date of manufacturing and expiration, which are mentioned on the box of plum candy melt lip balm.

Plum candy melt lip balm Variants 

Plum candy melt lip Balm is available in various variants for beautiful lips These : 

1. Plum Candy Melts Vegan Berry Feast Lip Balm 

2. Plum Candy Melts Red Velvet Love Tinted Lip Balm

3. Plum Candy Melts Strawberry Sorbet Tinted Lip Balm

4. Plum Candy Melts Cookies & Cream Vegan Lip Balm

5. Plum Candy Melts Vegan Lip Balm Mint-o-Coco

6. Plum Candy Melts Caramel Cravings Vegan Lip Balm  

How to use 

1. Ensure your lips are clean and dry before application.

2. Twist the bottom of the lip balm tube or open the cap.

3. Apply a thin, even layer of the lip balm to your lips

4. Repeat the application as needed throughout the day, especially when your lips feel dry or chapped. 


Overall Rating

Final Verdict

Plum Candy Melt Lip Balm offers you a nourishing, delightful, and protective experience and keeps your lips soft, smooth, and hydrated.

It provides a good range of shades and colors and a light tint of pigmentation.

You can go for it.  With its moisturizing formula, candy melt scent, and compact design, it provides an enjoyable and convenient way for a better experience.

Frequently asked questions

Plum candy melt lip balm: good or bad?

Plum Candy Melt Lip Balm is a good choice as it has Natural ingredients and adequate moisturization, leaving your lips feeling hydrated, soft, and smooth.
Also, It lasts longer and is more effective, so no frequent reapplication is needed.

Is plum candy melt lip balm edible?

The Plum Candy Melt Lip Balm is likely formulated to be safe for accidental ingestion or contact with the mouth.
It is clearly stated on the label that lip balm is only for external use and is not intended to be consumed if it contains food.
If you accidentally ingest a small amount of the plum candy melt lip balm, it is unlikely to cause harm.  but if you ingest large amounts, seek medical advice as soon as possible.

What is the purpose of plum lip balm?

Plum lip balm is used for nourishing, softening, smoothing, moisturizing, and protecting lips.
Plum lip balm makes dry and chapped lips soft, moisturizes and smooths them, and makes lips glossy and attractive.

Does plum lip balm contain SPF?

Yes, Plum Candy Melt Lip Balm contains SPF, which gives protection to your lips against harmful UV radiation

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