Biotique smart Travel Kit review

Biotique smart Travel Kit review | Best facial travel kit

We all love traveling around the world and exploring new things in life but the worst thing is packaging our travel luggage by keeping in mind that it should not be too heavy to carry so we take only important things with us and lots of our daily use stuff is missing

We try to pack all the things in a single bag or trolley so we don’t have to carry many bags or luggage.

Biotique smart travel kit solves this problem. It comes with all the necessary products that are needed in daily routine use like face wash, shampoo, body wash, and skin lotion to keep your skin glowing the whole day that making your selfies and pictures more beautiful.

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Product Description:-

Biotique smart travel kit is a natural formula by bioveda action research that comes with the full facial kit.

It is naturally organic and dermatologically tested without any preservatives.

The boutique travel kit box comes with four different facial and body-use products in plastic bottles to make your travel light and beautiful.

Bio Apricot(Refreshing body wash) 

This biotique smart travel kit apricot body wash is 100% natural foaming gel with the goodness of Apricot, kernel oil, wild turmeric, kurchi, and soap nut.

Bio Apricot(Refreshing body wash)

Apricot:- apricot is enriched in vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, potassium, fiberlutein, beta carbonate, and zeaxanthin gives your hair strength, keeps the scalp moist, reduces dryness, and increases blood circulation keeps the body fresh whole day.

kernel oil:- kernel oil protects the skin from fungus and bacteria infections.

kurchi:- kurchi bark extract was used since ancient times to prevent dehydration, remove pollution, and prevent infection.

Bio Green Apple shampoo 

Biotique smart travel kit shampoo stimulates the luxurious growth of hair and reduces hair fall. balance pH provides smooth hair all time. Bio green apple shampoo comes with the goodness of pure green apple extract, sea algae, and Centella.

Bio Green Apple shampoo

Green apple extract:- According to the study, regular use of green apple extract promotes hair growth, prevents hair fall, and nourishes hair follicles for healthy hair. 

Sea algae:- According to research in Clinical and Experimental Dermatology, this is shown that These results suggest that E. cava containing dioxinodehydroeckol promotes hair growth through stimulation of DPCs and ORS cells.

Centella:- Centella Asiatica is a Chinese medicinal plant that has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory potential and is also good for hair growth.

Bio Honey gel foaming face wash

Biotique smart travels honey gel foaming face wash is a 100% natural face wash with honey and extracts of the Arjun tree, euphorbia plant, and wild turmeric.

All the ingredients of bio honey foaming face wash are natural and well-researched.

Bio Honey gel foaming face wash

Honey:- honey has been used for skin softening since ancient times by Ayurvedic and now it is used in cosmetics for healthy and shining skin.

Turmeric:- Turmeric has the medical property of preventing infection, when skin gets cut we apply turmeric to prevent infection.

It removes dead skin cells and glows the skin and keeps a natural skin tone.

Arjun tree and euphorbia plant:- both plants used in facial cosmetics as it has the property of preventing pimples and reducing oil and dark spots on the face.

Bio Morning Nectar Flawless Skin Lotion For All Skin Types

Biotique smart travel kit skin lotion is a pure natural lotion for all skin types that moisture your skin during travel in a hot desert or a cool place like Antarctica you don’t need to carry heavy bottles it is just a 33ml plastic bottle which is very lightweight and full of natural ingredients like honey, wheat germ, and seaweed that keeps replacing natural oil, remove make up gently and keep your skin fresh.

Bio Morning Nectar Flawless Skin Lotion For All Skin Types

Product Details:-

  • Brand:- Biotique 
  • Manufacturer:- ‎Bioveda Action Research Company
  • Age Range:- For adult
  • Skin type:- All
  • Package:- Bottle
  • Country of Origin:- India

Benefits of Biotique smart travel kit:- 

  • Lightweight So easy to carry all the important stuff 
  • All the products are natural and organic.
  • Safe and dermatology tasted, no preservatives.
  • All the products are effective and safe.
Biotique smart travel kit
  • Biotique Smart Travel kit shampoo good for hair growth
  • Biotique Travel kit face wash prevents pimples, and glowing skin, and keeps natural skin tone.
  • Biotique Travel kit lotion and body wash are good enough for you.

Side effects of Biotique smart travel kit 

  • Doesn’t strip off moisture from the skin.
  • Biotique smart travel kit skin lotion isn’t suitable for dry to oily skin
  • May have allergies to certain ingredients if your skin is sensitive to them.

Directions of use:- 

Bio Apricot:-  

  • Wet your body first
  • Gently massage over the wet body
  • Lather and rinse
  • You can use it in the evening and morning

Bio Honey gel foaming face wash

  • Wet your face first
  • Gently apply honey gel foaming face wash.
  • Massage with fingertips 
  • Rinse with water
  • Apply twice a day that is morning and evening.

Bio Green Apple shampoo

  • Wet hair first.
  • Apply shampoo over the scalp gently.
  • Keep for a minute and massage.
  • Rinse with water.

Biotique smart travel kit skin lotion

  • Apply over cleansed face or neck.
  • Wear alone or under makeup.
  • Use twice that is morning and evening.
My recommendation:-

biotique smart travel kit is specially designed for travelers and tourists to make it easier for them to carry all necessary products with no extra luggage.

Biotique smart travel kit is natural and organic without any chemicals so all the products have a good effect and care for your skin, hair, and body during travel. if you need you can with a biotique smart travel kit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the biotique Smart travel kit suitable for oily skin?

Yes it is suitable for all skin types potential effects may vary from skin to skin but it has a similar effect on all skin types.

Does man use a biotique smart travel kit?

Biotique makes different travel kits for men and women you can check and buy for men also.

what is the price of a biotique travel kit in India?


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