Ensure vs Horlicks: Which is better?

Ensure vs. Horlicks

Which is better? Let’s compare these health products.

Ensure is a nutritional drink for adults with high protein (the company claims, but it is not high), various ingredients, and 32 essential nutrients that help in providing muscle strength, staying strong, boosting immunity, and providing daily recommendations of nutrients.

Horlicks is a nutritional drink for adults with high protein, vitamins, and antioxidants for a healthy lifestyle.

But which is better, Ensure or Horlicks?

You see, both products are daily nutritional drinks, but they have many different ingredients, functions, and actions.

We compare Ensure vs. Horlicks deeply to make it easy to choose either one of them according to your needs.

Ingredients Comparison

Ensure ingredientsHorlicks ingredient
Skimmed milk powder Wheat Gluten 
SucroseMalt Extract 
MaltodextrinCorn Solid
Edible vegetable oilFlavouring Substance 
Cocoa powder Soy Protein 
CaHMBAcidity Regulators (INS 501) 
Multivitamin Vitamin 
Potassium Salt 
Sodium Natural colour 
Magnesium Sweetener  ( INS 950 ) 
ChlorideMilk Solid
Iron Iron 
Copper Copper 
Iodide Iodine 
Niacin Niacin 
Selenium Selenium 
Many more Many more 

Pros of Ensure vs Horlicks

Pros of EnsurePros of Horlicks
Fight fatigueBoost immunity 
Bone strengthen Bone strengthen 
repair cell damage Repairing cell damage
Prevent constipation healthy for the blood 
Benefit to the digestive system Preventing free radicals 
Fight fatigue Fight fatiguness 
Body strengthen Body strengthen 
use in lactose intolerance use in lactose intolerance 
Good for vitamin deficiency people provide essential vitamins
Good for nutritional deficienciesProvide essential nutrients
Provide Energy Provide Energy 
Antioxidant Antioxidant 
Contribute to healthy diets Contribute to a healthy diet

Cons of Ensure vs Horlicks

Cons of EnsureCons of Horlicks
High sugarArtificial Sweetener INS 950
High fat Natural Coloring is Added 
Low protein Low protein 
 Flavour added
not so healthy may cause allergies
Added carbohydrates High fibre content 
may cause allergies May cause allergies

Comparison: Ensure vs Horlicks 

Sugar High sugar No added sugar 
Protein per 100 g15 Grams13 Grams 
Fat 11.50 Grams (High)2.1 Grams
Carbohydrates   –74 Grams 
Allergy Contain Allergens Soybeans and dairy products Contains Allergens Soybeans and dairy products 
Cholesterol 50 mg 0 mg 
Diabetes Not recommend Helpful 
Energy (Kcal) 410.00 Kilocalories 367.00 Kilocalories
Artificial flavours added artificial flavors Flavor 
Preservative No Preservatives No added preservatives 
Saturated fat > 4.0 grammes1.5 Grams 
Muscle massIncreasesIncreases
Immunity Boost immunity Boost immunity 
Antioxidant It has antioxidant properties.It has antioxidant properties.
Cell repair repair damaged cells repair damaged cells
Colouring Natural colouring Natural colouring 
Flavour Added flavour Added flavour 
PriceRs.1600 /kgRs.315/450g
Buying options Buy now EnsureBuy now Horlicks 

How to consume the Ensure nutrient drink:

Step 1: Take 150 ml of milk.

Step 2: Add 3 Scoops ( approx 27 g ) 

Step 3: Stir well                


Take 100 mL of water and add 4 scoops (approximately 36 g).

How to consume Horlicks nutrient drink:

Step 1: Take 3 teaspoonfuls of Horlicks powder.

Step 2: Add in 200 ml of hot milk.

Step 3: Stir well to remove lumps.

Step 4: Add sugar if required.

Value for money:



Nutritional Rating:



Health Benefits Rating:



Overall Rating:



Caution: This article does not claim any medical treatment; this is only for informational purposes. Consult your doctor before taking any health supplements.

women’s Horlicks plus vs ensure?

Womens Horlicks Plus is a bone health supplement designed to help women fulfill their daily requirement of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin K2, Vitamin D, and Calcium for healthy bones. Women’s Horlicks Plus is also a good source of protein and fiber.

Ensure is a balanced supplement meal that contains vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fats, protein, and antioxidants which prevent free radical cell damage. Ensure is a good choice for those who are looking for a balanced nutritional supplement.

If your priority is bone health or want to use calcium supplements in your routine after menopause then Women Horlicks is a good choice for you.

Frequently asked questions 

Is Ensure good for heart patients?

Ans: Ensure it contains 50 mg of cholesterol, which is not good for heart patients, and you must consult your doctor before using any health supplements if you have heart disease.

Is Ensure good for diabetes patients?

Ans: Ensure has a lot of added sugar, so it is not safe for diabetic patients. Instead, you can try to Ensure diabetic care.

Can I take Ensure or Horlicks on an empty stomach?

Ans: Both Ensure and Horlicks are nutritional drinks that meet your daily nutritional requirements. They contain the same nutrients that you get from meals, so you can consume them on an empty stomach. It’s safe.

Is the Ensure drink safe?

Ans: Ensure the drink is safe for normal and healthy people who don’t have any diseases like diabetes and heart disease, as it contains cholesterol and sugar, so it is not safe for diabetic and heart patients.

Is Horlicks full of sugar? 

Ans: Horlicks Light does not contain sugar; it is sugar-free.

What is the best time to drink Horlicks?

Ans: The morning is the best time to drink Horlicks, as our stomachs are empty and we need energy in the morning. They also easily get absorbed. So taking horlicks in the morning is a good choice.

Are Horlicks good for diabetics or heart patients?

Ans: Horlicks contain 0 g of sugar and 0 g of cholesterol, so it is a good choice for diabetics or heart patients, but you must consult your doctor before using it.

Are Horlicks good with milk or water?

Ans: You can take Horlicks with milk or water, but it is best to take them with milk as it contains additional nutrients that give you extra benefits.

Are Horlicks good for health?

Horlicks are good for health they provide you a essential vitamins and minerals such as vitamins C, D, B1, B2, B5, B6, and B12, folic acid, niacin, biotin, calcium and zinc, and a source of vitamin E and iron that keep your body healthy and fit.

sugar-free Horlicks for diabetics?

Horlicks Diabetes Plus is made for diabetic people and it is free of sugar and rich in high fibers and sugars that balance blood cholesterol, Glucose, and lipids.

Which Horlicks is best for adults

Lite Horlicks Is good for adults above 19 years of age as it doesn’t contain added sugar, or lipids and provides balanced nutritional needs for adults.

are Horlicks good for adults?

Horlicks is good for adults because it provides all the essential vitamins and nutrients needed to a healthy active adult and Horlicks Lite is a good choice for adults as it doesn’t contain added sugar and lipids.

What are Horlicks good for?

Horlicks are good for providing a fraction of your daily allowance of minerals, vitamins, and nutrients to keep your body healthy and fit.

is Horlicks good for weight loss?

Horlicks is a nutritional drink that helps to fulfill your daily recommended need of vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and Calories so Horlicks doesn’t help you in weight loss

Does Horlicks make you fat?

Horlicks alone don’t make you fat. One glass of Horlicks in milk contains 250 calories which is equal to morning breakfast and if you take breakfast with Horlicks all the extra calories will convert into fat and make you fat.

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