Carbamide forte vs hk vitals

Carbamide forte vs HK vitals

Carbamide forte vs HK vitals

What are the best probiotics for the stomach: Carbamide Forte or HK Vitals?

Carbamide Forte is a probiotic containing 50 million CFU per capsule and 20 well-researched, powerful strains of probiotics for gut health.

Carbamide Forte is the best probiotic for the stomach; it promotes the growth of good bacteria in your gut, improves digestion, and gives relief from gas, bloating, and indigestion-like problems.

Hk Vitals is a multivitamin capsule with some added probiotics.

Hk vitals are good for boosting immunity and removing stress, increasing bone strength, and improving gut health, but the probiotic numbers are much lower than those of carbamide forte probiotics.

Ingredients: carbamide forte vs. HK vitals 

carbamide forte ingredients Hk vitals ingredients
Prebiotics (Fructooligosacharid)No prebiotics 
Probiotics  (20 strains)Probiotics  (3 strains) 
 Vitamins A, B, C, E, and K 
 Panax ginseng extract 
 Ginsenoside root extract 
 Ginkgo biloba leaf extract 
 Grape seed extract 
 whole plant extract 
 Alfalfa leaf extract 

Pros: Carbamide Forte vs. HK Vitals

Carbamide forte Hk vitals
20 strains of probiotics Several strains of probiotics 
Boost immunity Boost immunity 
Increase good bacteria in the gut Increase good bacteria in the gut  (less potent) 
Improve Digestion Improve Digestion 
Reduce IBSincrease bone health
Decrease the gas problem Increased cognitive function 
Regulate Acidity RDA multivitamin 
Reduce Bloating Great antioxidant 
Vegetarian Free radical prevention 
Enhance nutrition absorption Boost stamina 
Prebiotics fibres Increase energy 
Easy swollen Increase appetite 
Gluten-free Good for skin 
Soy free good for hair
Non-Gmo good for nails 
No refrigerator is needed.good for eye health 
The best probiotic for your stomach Control stress 
 improve brain health 
 Reduce pain 

Cons of Carbamide forte vs hk vitals 

Carbamide forte cons Hk vitals cons
Allergy Unflavoured 
Stomach upset Diarrhea(less)
Diarrhea Stomach upset (less) 
risk of infection Abdominal pain (less)
Abdominal pain risk of infection (less) 
Mood disturbance Depression and anxiety (less)
Depression and anxietyIncrease blood pressure on overdose

Less** due to the lower amount of prebiotics: all these are the general side effects of any probiotic, and HK Vitals contain a very low amount of probiotics.

Carbamide forte vs HK vitals

Features Carbamide forte Hk vitals
Prebiotics 150mg present Absent 
Probiotics 20 strains are present.Few strains are present.
Immunity Boost immunity Boost immunity 
Bone health Improve Improve 
Gut health Very effective Mild effective 
Brain Health Mild effective Very effective 
Eye Health Less potent High effective 
StressReduces stress Reduces stress 
Depression Reduces Reduce 
Anxiety Control Control 
Digestion More potent improve digestion Less improve digestion 
Gas reduce the gas problem more not very effective.
Bloating More Effective Less effective 
IBSMore potent Less potent 
Refrigeration Not required Not required 
Natural/Chemical/Biological Biological Natural 
Fatigue Reduces Reduces more 
Allergy May cause Nonallergic 

How to take carbamide forte capsules

Carbamide forte vs hk vitals

Take one capsule daily with breakfast or as prescribed by your health practitioner.

How to take the HK Vitals capsule:

Hk vitals vs carbamide forte

Take one tablet daily after breakfast at the same time and in the same quantity, or as prescribed by your doctor.

value for money

Carbamide forte

Hk Vitals

Health benefits 

Carbamide forte

HK vitals

Overall Rating:

Carbamide forte

HK vitals

Frequently asked questions? 

Is carbamide a natural substance?

Carbamide Forte Probiotic is natural. Used as an immunity booster and for gut health, it contains biological probiotic strains and multivitamins that boost your immunity and support gut health and stamina.

Is it safe to take Carbamide Forte Probiotic every day? 

Ans: It is safe to take Carbamide Forte every day; it increases good bacteria in your gut, improves digestion, gives stamina, and boosts immunity to fight infections.

Is it safe to take H.K. Vitals Multivitamin every day? 

Ans: Taking a multivitamin is not safe. It may cause overdose side effects, so avoid taking it every day until you need it, like during pregnancy or childhood when folic acid is needed. So consult your doctor before taking

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