Trimova Weight Loss Drops Review

Trimova Weight Loss Drops Review: Doctors’ Opinion

Trimova Weight Loss Drops Review: Doctors’ Opinion

Obesity is a measure concern worldwide as it increases the risk of Diabetes, hypertension, and many more diseases.

Trimova Weight loss drops are in trend, people search for them hoping to reduce obesity.

But do Trimova Weight loss drops work? Is it a Scam or a Legitimate supplement?

Being a doctor I try to help people by providing the right information, and after deep research, I write this article.

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What is Trimova Weight Loss Drop

Trimova is a weight loss supplement manufactured by Angel Metier Emporium that claims to reduce weight by boosting metabolism, reducing Calories intake, and curbing appetite.

Ingredients –

I searched for an hour or more to find the ingredients of the Trimova Weight Loss drop, but I didn’t see anything.

The only thing that is mentioned on the Trimova bottle is GLP– 1 which is a drug for type 2 diabetes, that not only improves blood sugar control but may also lead to weight loss.

Other ingredients are not mentioned anywhere, not found on youtube videos or any other websites that write reviews about Trimova Weight loss drop.

Trimova Weight Loss Drop Benefits

  • Increase metabolism
  • Reduce appetite by reducing appetite hormones
  • Reduce fat accumulation
  • Reduce calorie intake
  • May promote satiety, leading to fewer calories consumed
  • It Increases Glucose uptake by the cells. 
  • Increase Glycogen Storage thus reducing fat accumulation

Trimova Weight Loss Drop Side effects

  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Constipation
  • Stomach pain
  • Headache
  • Tiredness
  • Upset Stomach
  • Dizziness
  • Feeling bloated
  • Belching
  • Low sugar in people with type 2 diabetes
  • Gas
  • Stomach flu
  • Heartburn
  • Runny nose 
  • Sore throat

Trimova Weight Loss Drop Scientific Evidence

 After deep research I didn’t find any scientific Evidence on Trimova’s claims of weight loss, I found some reviews on Trimova’s official website.

The Reviews are published on the Trimova official website with photos of before and after use of Trimova Weight loss drop.

There is no other evidence and any research paper found that claims Trimova Weight loss drops work.

How to use Trimova Weight Loss Drop

Trimova Weight Loss Drop Before and After

Each bottle is a full week’s supply.

Take 2 ml Twice daily on an empty stomach or a full stomach.

Trimova Weight loss drop Consumer Reviews-

I posted A reel on Facebook and that reels gets comments from the people who use or order Trimova Weight Loss Drop here is their Reviews

Screenshot of curewomen Facebook page reels comment section

Carol Townsend- “these people refused to even answer my request for a refund less than 24 hours after ordering. Turns out sodium borate is not safe to consume. Pass the word: Trimova is a con!!”

Laura Jane Ravenscraft- I used PayPal to pay for an order of this junk (was not being smart). Immediately requested to cancel the order within 5 minutes. I am disputing the transaction. You might be able to as well. I even have a dispute open with my bank. Trimova is definitely a scam. Deceitful and unsafe. Ugh 😩

Laura Jane Ravenscraft- “Scam they say it is FDA approved then say it is not!

Jaleisha Moore – “I did. It won’t let me post a picture. They don’t post the ingredients in this though and this is what I seen for myself!!

Jaleisha Moore-” This is what is in it. We only saw the ingredients after it was ordered and we googled it. Nope!!!

LaRienne Hernandez McNab- I’m waiting for mine I thought this shipped from the US and it’s coming from China I wouldn’t have ordered if I knew this

LaRienne Hernandez McNab-“I am asking for a refund as soon as I receive my product I believed it was FDA approved and it’s not

Michelle Swinford Subert- “LaRienne Hernandez McNab same here too I never would’ve ordered it either”


Screenshot of curewomen Facebook page reels comment section

Malanie Vaga- “LaRienne Hernandez McNab the company is complete crap I’ve been in email communication with them now my phone won’t let me open up their website because it’s a scam” address and they’re saying that I have to return the product to China to receive my refund and the product arrived to me unsealed the width of the packaging says do not consume if unsealed

Julia Mose Carpenter – “It s coming from china”

Ruth Smith-“I never ordered them, 5 boxes came today. I dont know price, address or anything, can anyone reading this help me. Trimova is a scam. How much is it. I-need the name or # , or a way to let them know i don’t want it and not charge me. I will call my bank and tell them they don’t have my permission. Which site did i see it ,TikTok, or instagram , cant find it now. Please help if you can.

Ruth Smith- “Do not charge why did you send that stuff with no phone or address to contact you. I want to send it back. DO NOT CHARGE ME FOR ANY ORDERS ,DO NOT SEND MORE. Its to sad you scamming people. Send me phone # and address with name.

Yvette Hernandez- “I ordered this from them,mad if they’re a scam,

Step Johnson – “It also contains Sodium Borate and after reading about it on google nope it’s not safe at all!!!

Step Johnson – “I never tried it. Someone else I know did and she got really sick and that is what caused it. Took it to her Drs and they said they wldnt recommend it.

Kethy Skartved- “Made in the USA my ass!!This is my tracking from my Trimova order!! 😡😡Yeah I’m going to want a refund!!”

Helga Bryson Reyna -“Claims it’s approved by the FDA but it’s not in the FDA site either.”

Trimova Weight Loss Drop: Legit or Scam

Trimova Weight Loss Drops don’t mention their ingredients anywhere, also no scientific Evidence about the product where found.

Every YouTube channel that reviews Trimova Weight Loss Drop, shows you only the Trimova website interface and doesn’t provide any useful information.

Also, Trimova is not listed on any e-commerce websites like Amazon, and Target.

Also, there are many red flags such as unclear contact infringement,  unauthorized Claims, Many potential side effects, lack of evidence, No ingredients list, unclear return and refund policy, and mixed user reviews.

As there is a lack of evidence and information we can’t say Trimova Weight loss drops are Legit or Scam.

Return Policy

You can return the Trimova Weight Loss Drop within 7 days of purchase.

You can read their return policies on their official website before buying.


After a thorough review of Trimova Weight Loss Drop, it is found that Trimova has many more side effects, and also there is no scientific evidence about its working and benefits.

Trimova Weight Loss Drop doesn’t mention their key ingredient list, there is only one mentioned drug on the package which is GPL-1.

Being a doctor I won’t recommend Trimova Weight Loss Drop to you.

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