Nature's Bounty vs Nature Made Vitamin D: Which is better?

Nature’s Bounty vs Nature Made Vitamin D: Which is better?

Nature’s Bounty vs Nature Made Vitamin D: Which is better?

One patient came to me who had vitamin D deficiency. She told me that she wakes up in the morning and after regular work she goes to work in the offices via car where she works till evening and after that she comes back.

You may notice that many people are rarely exposed to sunlight which leads to vitamin D deficiency.

It is a very common problem nowadays due to busy working hours we cannot expose ourselves to the sun, which is the main source of Vitamin D production in our body.

To cater to this issue people choose Vitamin D Supplements to fulfill their vitamin D requirements, but there’s one more problem: what is that?

Their many brands in the Market offering vitamin D supplements and choosing the best among them might be a difficult task for many people.

To help you in this our expert team takes two brands about which most people get confused in choosing the best one: Nature’s Bounty vs Nature Made Vitamin D

Let’s deeply Compare the two popular brands of vitamin d

Nature Bounty Vitamin D Review

Nature Bounty Vitamin d3 is a high-quality vitamin D supplements that fulfill the daily requirements of vitamin D.

Nature’s Bounty vitamin D helps boost immunity, bone health, teeth health, and nervous and muscular strength of the body.

Nature Bounty has made health and wellness supplements for the last 50 years which shows that people trust the brand and their products’ quality.

Nature’s Bounty Vitamin D Varieties:-


    • Nature’s Bounty vitamin d3 5000 IU 

    • Nature’s Bounty vitamin d3 2000 IU

    • Nature’s Bounty vitamin d3 1000 IU

    • Vitamin D Gummies

    • Nature’s Bounty Fish oil + Vitamin D3 

    • Nature’s Bounty C, D, and Zinc Gummies

    • Nature’s Bounty Calcium + Vitamin D Gummies

    • Nature’s Bounty Calcium Plus Vitamin D3 

Nature’s Bounty Vitamin D Ingredients


    • Vitamin D as D3 Cholecalciferol

    • Soybean oil

    • Gelatin 

    • Vegetable Glycerine

    • Corn Oil

Nature Bounty Vitamin D Supplement facts

Amount per serving

Vitamin D  Amount 
Nature Bounty Vitamin d  5000 IU 
2000 IU
1000 IU 

Other supplement facts information is not mentioned on the Official website and the bottle label



    • Nature Bounty vitamin D is free from. Gluten, Sugar, artificial flavors, colors, Sweetener,  Starch, Milk, Lactose, Wheat, Yeast, Fish, and Sodium.

    • Boost immunity

    • Keep bones and teeth strongest

    • Fulfill the daily requirement of Vitamin D

    • Improve sleep quality 

    • Easy to swallow

    • Good for healthy cardiovascular and neuromuscular function

    • High-quality ingredients 

    • Vitamin D combines with zinc, Calcium, and fish oil available

    • Manufacturing of products Follow FDA regulations 



    • People Complain about melting during delivery or sun exposure

    • Contains Gelatin so not for strict Vegetarians.

    • May cause allergies in people who are sensitive to Gelatine, Corn, or soy.

    • Capsules melt and stick together when exposed to sunlight or heat directly.

Nature-Made Vitamin D Review

Nature vitamin D is USP verified and formulated with high-quality ingredients preferred for the body.

Nature Made vitamin d3 soft gel supplements support a healthy immune system, increase calcium absorption, strengthen bones and teeth, and fulfill the daily vitamin D requirement of the body.

Nature Made vitamin D Variety-

Brand offers a wide range of vitamin Dn D varieties which are:


    • Nature vitamin d3 1000 IU

    • Nature Made vitamin d3 2000 IU

    • Nature Made vitamin d3 5000 IU

    • Nature Made vitamin D3 K2 k2 softgel 

    • Nature Made vitamin D 3000 IU 

    • Nature Made vitamin d3 Maximum strength 10,000 IU

    • Nature Made D Immune Complex 

Nature Made vitamin d3 Ingredients


    • Vitamin D (Cholecalciferol)

    • Soybean oil

    • Gelatin 

    • Glycerin

    • Medium Chain Triglycerides 

    • Dibasic Calcium Phosphate

    • Rapeseed Lecithin

    • Yellow Beeswax

    • Water 

    • Color added yellow 6, Red 40, Blue 

Nature Made vitamin D supplement facts:

Ingredients  Amount
Calories  10
Total fat  1g
Protein  < 1g
Vitamin A 60 mg 
Vitamin C  25 mcg
Vitamin D3 25 mcg 
Vitamin E  22.5 mg
Vitamin K 40 mcg 
Thiamine 1.5mg
Riboflavin 1.7 mg
 Niacin  20 mg
Vitamin B6 2 mg
Folate  665 mcg



    • Free from Gluten artificial flavors, Colors, 

    • USP tested and verified ingredients

    • Boost immunity

    • Support bone, teeth, and muscle.

    • Easy to Swallow

    • Increase calcium absorption

    • Vitamin D capsule infused with other vitamins and minerals

    • Full ingredients Transparency

Nature Made vitamin d3 side effects 


    • Contains Gelatin so not for strict Vegetarians.

    • May cause Allergy in people who are sensitive to Gelatine.

How to Choose a Vitamin D Supplement?

Nature's Bounty vs Nature Made Vitamin D


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After going through Nature’s Bounty vs Nature Made Vitamin D you might still be confused about which one to choose.

Here are some tips on how to choose the best vitamin D supplements.

Recommended Dietary Allowance of Vitamin D

Always keep in mind that excess of every vitamin has some adverse effects. According to Myoclinic RDA for vitamin D: ( Both male and female)

Age  RDA
0- 12 Months  400 IU
1-70 Years  600 IU
>70 years  800 IU

Form of Vitamin D 

Vitamin D Supplements typically come in two forms: D2(ergocalciferol) and D3 (Cholecalciferol). Vitamin D3 is more effective at raising blood levels of vitamin D.


It varies based on Age, Sex, and health condition, typical dosage ranges from 400 IU to 2000 UI.


Look for supplements from reputed brands that use high-quality ingredients, and have undergone third-party testing, mention all the ingredients listed with Transparency.

Check for any additives such as Allergens, artificial colors, Sweeteners, and dietary substances.

Quality and purity

Look for the quality and purity of ingredients used, third-party testing, and brand reputation.


Consider the price per serving when considering comparing different brands.

Compare the price with the quality and quantity the brand offers.


Choose supplements that have been certified by independent organizations like NSF, International or Consumer Lab, or any other reputed organization.

Allergens free

Keep in mind that the vitamin D supplements you choose must be free from potential Allergens, a good brand will offer you allergens-free vitamin D supplements.


Consider your specific needs, for example, if you have Dietary restrictions such as vegetarian or vegan, ensure the product fulfills your requirement and must be free from Gelatin.

Addition Factors

Many brands offer additional benefits by adding additional nutrients like calcium or magnesium which can aid in vitamin D absorption or provide added benefits.

Medical Advice

Always consult your doctor or healthcare professional before starting any new supplement Regimen.

Nature Bounty vs Nature Made Vitamin D: Comparison

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Conclusion: Which is better nature’s Bounty Vs Nature made vitamin d

After going through a long article on Nature’s Bounty vs Nature Made Vitamin D you might get confused..let me some up all this for you 

Both the brand’s Nature Bounty Vitamin D and Nature Made are good and trusted. Both brands use a D3 form of vitamin D that is Cholecalciferol. You can check the detailed comparison of both brands here

Nature’s Bounty ingredients have USP certification whereas Nature Bounty lacks this.

Nature Bounty Vitamin D Capsules prices are lower than Nature’s made so if you want to buy pocket-friendly vitamin D supplements Nature’s Bounty is for you.

Both Nature’s Bounty vs Nature Made vitamin D supplements are infused with other vitamins and minerals for a healthy lifestyle but Nature Made does it more battery and provides a list of all the others they add to vitamin D supplements.

Nature Made vitamin d3 doesn’t contain Soy and Corn so it is suitable for those who have Sensitivity to soy or Corn.

Frequently asked questions

Is Nature Made vitamins a good brand?

Nature Made has been a reputed and trusted brand for over 50 years and the quality of their ingredients is USP certificated and the No.1 pharmacist-recommended vitamin and supplements brand.

Are nature Made vitamin D3 good quality?

Quality of Nature Made vitamin d3 and all other supplements of Nature Made is USP verified so it’s clear that Nature Made vitamin d3 is of good quality.

Is Nature Bounty a good brand of vitamin

Nature Bounty has been making supplements for 50 years and it is a trusted brand providing high-quality supplements at affordable prices.

How does the Nature Made vitamin D smell?

Nature-made vitamin D gives a fishy smell.

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Alert :

This article is only for informational purposes consult your doctor before buying, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, or lactating mother or if you already taking any medications.

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