Wonder Veggies Prepares for Groundbreaking 2025 Launch of Probiotic-Infused Produce

Wonder Veggies Prepares for Groundbreaking 2025 Launch of Probiotic-Infused Produce

Wonder Veggies Prepares for Groundbreaking 2025 Launch of Probiotic-Infused Produce

Israeli agrifood tech startup Wonder Veggies is set to revolutionize the produce aisle with the launch of the “world’s first probiotic fresh produce” in 2025. Utilizing cutting-edge technology that allows probiotic bacteria to penetrate plant tissue and act as endophytes (microbes living inside plants), Wonder Veggies is pioneering a new category in the fresh produce market.

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Redefining Probiotic Consumption

Probiotics, often referred to as ‘good bacteria,’ are live microorganisms that provide health benefits when consumed in adequate amounts.

Traditionally, the application of probiotics has been limited to dietary supplements or refrigerated dairy products due to their fragility.

Wonder Veggies aims to expand this limited scope by incorporating probiotics directly into fresh produce, making it easier for consumers to integrate these beneficial bacteria into their daily diets.

Current options for consuming probiotics are extremely limited,” says Wonder Veggies co-founder and CEO Danny Weiss. “Dairy products are unsuitable for lactose intolerant or vegan consumers; fermented foods like kimchi are niche; and supplements can be costly and difficult to swallow for some.”

Innovative Formulation for Fresh Produce

Developed with research from esteemed professors at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Braude Academic College, Wonder Veggies has created a liquid formulation combining established probiotic strains with food-grade ingredients.

This formulation is sprayed onto produce either pre-harvest in the field or greenhouse or post-harvest at packing facilities.

“All the ingredients in our formulation are GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) and authorized for use in organics, and they do not affect the taste or texture of the final products,” explains Weiss.

How Does It Work?

The essence of Wonder Veggies’ technology lies in transforming probiotic bacteria into endophytes within fresh produce. Unlike simply spraying probiotics on the surface, which wouldn’t survive, Wonder Veggies’ formulation allows these bacteria to penetrate and thrive within the plant tissue, ensuring their viability throughout the product’s shelf life.

This process is designed to be straightforward, with partners receiving a liquid concentrate to be diluted and applied using standard equipment.

Extensive Testing and Global Collaboration


Wonder Veggies has successfully tested its technology on various probiotic strains and types of produce, including leafy greens, baby carrots, berries, cherry tomatoes, and baby cucumbers.

This innovation taps into the growing interest in probiotics and the “food as medicine” trend.

“When I first learned about this technology, I was amazed,” says Weiss. “The response from the industry has been overwhelmingly positive. We have already signed several MOUs with leading growers globally and have received inquiries from major retailers in the US eager to stock our products.”

Effective and Accessible Probiotic Solutions

A significant concern addressed by Wonder Veggies is the dosage and cost of probiotic intake. “You can get the necessary probiotics from a small personal salad, and the price premium will be 20% or less, making it accessible for consumers and profitable for everyone in the value chain,” says Weiss.

Strategic Market Approach

Wonder Veggies plans to collaborate closely with growers, branding their probiotic produce alongside the growers’ brands. Additionally, they are exploring combinations of produce with multiple probiotic strains to enhance health benefits.

Wonder Veggies’ journey began in March 2022, with a $3 million seed investment from JVP, one of Israel’s largest venture capital firms.

The company continues to raise funds and refine its go-to-market strategy, emphasizing simplicity and effectiveness in implementation.

Conclusion: A New Era in Fresh Produce

Wonder Veggies is poised to transform the fresh produce market by integrating probiotics into everyday foods, offering a practical and effective way for consumers to enhance their health. With robust research, strategic partnerships, and innovative technology, Wonder Veggies is not just launching a new product but creating an entirely new category in the food industry.

This groundbreaking approach promises to make probiotic consumption more accessible, enjoyable, and beneficial for a broad range of consumers, setting a new standard for the intersection of nutrition and convenience.

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