Self-diagnosis of mental health on TikTok is trending now and it seems dangerous that unprofessional people treat mental health like a serious condition.

Mental health-related videos are on trend on TikTok after the rollout, people post about their mental health conditions videos and others try to treat them in the comment box.

TikTik will show you what you searching for and watch on other places like Instagram, Facebook, and the looping videos will continue which is no more than 1 minute.

TikTik Algorithm

Some people sharing videos on TikTok say im so O.C.D. Most videos are of people showing they have some rare borderline disorder.

Mental Health Issues

#autism has 22,4bn views while #abhd has 24.7bn and #mentalhealth has 82.5bn views, most of the trending videos on TilTok are related to mental health  

The Hashtags

some people may do it because they are unable to afford or access mental health care and some are afraid of being judged by society and others.

Why people might self-diagnose on TikTok 

It is good that teenagers think about their mental health and learn about it on TikTok but taking unprofessional help may lead you in great trouble.

Is TikTok good for mental health?

Take professional health care advice before taking any measure step in your mental health diagnosis and take proper treatment.

Expert Advice.

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