Vacation baby oil spf 30 is a newly launched baby sunscreen with SPF 30 protection in the form of oil.


The ingredients present in Vacation baby oil are -  Jojoba Oil Calendula & Chamomile Bisabolol Vitamin E Rose & Jasmine  And many more.


Features of baby oil are -  1. Braod spectrum spf 30  2. Travel friendly  3. Chemical free  4. Dermatologically tested. 1. Broad spectrum spf 30


Vacation newly launched baby oil is free from Oxybenzone & Octinoxate, PEG & Paraben free and Cruelty.


1. Protect from UV rays. 2. Keep skin hydrated. 3. Transparent on all skin tones. 4. Give a shiny look. 5. Chemical free.


Vacation baby oil spf 30 fragrance developed by ARQUISTE perfumeur which gives very unique and good fragrance not unlike other baby oils.

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