What is RSV 

RSV refers to the Respiratory syncytial viruses that cause mild sniffles in people but it cause severe bronchitis and pneumonia in children and older people.

What RSV virus cause  

 The Respiratory syncytial viruses cause mild sniffles in most people but cause severe bronchitis and pneumonia in children and older people, leading to hospitalization.

The RSV vaccine   

RSV vaccine developed by Pfizer after hard research for 60 years to protect both seniors and newborns from virus infection

How RSV vaccine work  

RSV vaccine works to create a protective immune response by acting on the F-protein by this F-protein viruses to enter infect and host cells.

Clinical trials

Clinical trials shows a efficacy of 86% in older adults and 82% effective in newborn .This vaccine will prevent older and newborn from hospitalization.

RSV vaccine for pregnant women

According to report vaccine  is effective in mother if she receive the jab in her second or third trimester but at not approve.

RSV vaccine approval

The RSV vaccine is on the track of approved this year for public use and mass production will start soon.


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