The Hask beauty brand

Hask is a beauty brand which is known for its high-performing hair care products in the market.

Hask launches new pre shampoo scrub

Hask recently launches its new Tea Tree and Rosemary pre-shampoo scrub for your hair.

Hask pre-shampoo scrub

Hask pre-shampoo scrub is for scalp care before shampoo, it is made of tea tree and Rosemary for high performance.


1.Sugar  2.Tea Tree Oil  3.Rosemary 4.Extract  5.Menthol  5.Glycerin


1. Exfoliate the scalp 2. Remove oil 3. Remove dead skin cells 1. Exfoliate the scalp 5. Prevent hair damage  6. Remove impurities.


It for those with dry, flaky ,itchy, and oily scalp and it is suitable for all hair types.


Hask Tea Tree and Rosemary pre-shampoo scrub is free from Sulfates, Parabens, Silicones, phthalatees, gluten, alcohol and dye.

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