Doctor's Warning: TikTokers' Apple Cider Gummies Risks for weight loss"


What is Apple Cider Gummies?

Cider vinegar is a dietary supplement made by the fermentation of apple juice.

What does  the Apple Cider Gummies do?

Craze landed on TikTok claiming that it magically lost weight without any extra effort.

Scientific Evidence ?

There is no scientific evidence to support that apple cider vinegar help in weight loss.

The Role Of TikTok Influencer

TikTok influencer across the platform swear that taking two gummies daily help them get a flat belly.

Doctors Warning

Doctors warn people to not take any supplements under the influence of TikTokers or YouTubers because it may harm your body

What Doctors say about it?

Doctors say - Some people have reported positive results and have no actual scientific evidence and are even not regulated by FDA


The risk of taking cider vinegar gummies for weight loss are - Allergy, Digestive discomfort, Tooth enamel erosion, Blood sugar fluctuations, and drug interaction.

Tips to lose weight without gummies

Choose a healthy diet, do regular exercise avoid outside or packed food, Get sufficient sleep, reduce sugar, and Be consistent and patient it may take time.


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