Cardiac arrest kill Anupama Actor Nitesh Pandey - Know  if your at risk 

Anupama Actor Nitesh Pandey died due to a sudden massive cardiac arrest.

Why Anupama Actor Die

Cardiac arrest is a sudden stoppage of heart pumping that decreases blood to the brain and other organs. 

What is Cardiac arrest that kills Anupama fame

Cases of cardiac arrest increases rapidly in the past few years and no doubt you are also at risk.

Are You At Risk

Men age 45 and older and women age 55 and older and people with High BP, stress, Diabetes, and Tabacco use.

Who are the High Risk

Sudden Chest pain, Difficulty in breathing are the primary symptoms seen.

Symptoms are seen in Anupama Actor Nitesh Pandey's Cardiac arrest

Call an emergency ambulance and check the person's pulse if the pulse does not feel start giving CPR with 30 chest compressions before giving two rescue breaths.

What to do 

Do not smock, avoid junk food, exercise regularly, manage stress, and consult a doctor if you have diabetes or high BP.


RIP Anupama actor Nitesh Pandey, god give your soul rest in peace OM SHANTI

RIP Nitesh Pandey- Anupama fame.

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