Don't use mobile/tab in the morning instead go for a walk and feed animals, make your tea or coffee, and make your gratitude list 

Avoid screen in morning 


Jennifer Aniston avoid outside food and she try to eat balance diet loaded with fruits and vegetables .

Eat healthy food  


Mental health is always a priority for Jennifer Aniston, She avoids stress, and overload of work and adds yoga and morning walks to her routine 

Maintain mental health 


She avoids heavy use of social media and instead incorporate music and podcast in her life that she enjoys you can also try it .

Listen music and podcast


Jennifer Aniston never misses her workout, doesn't give excuses, and finds time to sweat, you can also add this to your life.

Add excercise in your day


Jennifer Aniston prioritizes her sleep she gets enough mindful sleep for recovery and a healthy brain, takes enough sleep at night for a healthy life

Prioritize Sleep


Jennifer Aniston seeks professional help for training and a nutritionist for personalized advice you can add this habit to your life.

Seek professional help


Jennifer Aniston always listens to her body and makes changes in her routine, you should also listen to your body and make changes 

Listen to your body