VIIA Launches Innovative New Gummy Lineup With More Strengths And Effects For All Cannabis Users Provided by PR Newswire

VIIA Launches Cutting-Edge Gummy Collection Tailored for Every Cannabis Enthusiast

SAN DIEGO, June 21, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — VIIA, a trailblazer in the cannabis industry, has unveiled a new range of federally legal cannabis gummies that combine botanical supplements and functional mushrooms with various THC potency levels.

This innovative launch positions VIIA as the first cannabis company to offer effect-based gummies with multiple strength options for consumers.

This announcement follows closely on the heels of the company’s rebrand and website relaunch, underscoring VIIA’s dedication to providing a tailored, curated experience for the contemporary cannabis user.

Customized Cannabis Experience

VIIA Launches Cutting-Edge Gummy Collection Tailored for Every Cannabis Enthusiast

Over the past year, VIIA has meticulously refined its award-winning gummies, creating products with diverse strengths and effects to ensure both new and returning customers can effortlessly find what they need.

The new lineup includes four effect-based gummy lines—Sleep, Focus, Relief, and Love—available in four strength levels: zero, low, medium, and high THC.

“Our new system of effect and strength-based gummies eliminates the guesswork from cannabis use,” says VIIA founder Max Mckendry. “Whether it’s a new user seeking pain relief with THC-free or low-strength gummies, or an experienced user looking for a high-strength THC sleep aid, our goal is to cater to everyone and simplify their decision-making journey.”

Enhanced Formulas with Natural Ingredients

Each gummy line is enhanced with botanical supplements and vitamins to amplify the desired effects:

  • Sleep Gummies: Now include L-Theanine and Passion Flower for relaxation.
  • Focus Gummies: Feature B12 and Alpha-GPC to boost clarity and cognitive function.
  • Relief Gummies: Incorporate 5-HTP and L-Theanine for well-being and recovery.
  • THC-Free Gummies: Include functional mushrooms like lion’s mane and reishi.

These improved formulas are rich in terpenes, cannabinoids, and botanical supplements, making them the most potent edibles on the market while maintaining federal legality.

The gummies are vegan-friendly and come in vibrant citrus and berry flavors, sweetened with organic tapioca syrup and citrus pectin.

Commitment to Quality and Value

“Unlike most cannabis companies that rely on white-labeling generic formulas, we at VIIA innovate by using the entire hemp plant to create high-potency products accessible to all,” Mckendry states. “With VIIA gummies, you receive five times more value than with any other leading brand.”

Special Offer and Further Information

To celebrate the launch of the new gummy lineup and the website relaunch, customers can enjoy a 15% discount on their next order with the code Herb15. For updates on promotions and announcements, follow @viiahemp on Instagram or visit the company’s website at

About VIIA

Founded by Max Mckendry in 2018, VIIA emerged from a personal journey to find a natural remedy for chronic pain.

This journey led to the discovery of hemp’s benefits, forming the foundation of the company. Now an industry pioneer, VIIA crafts high-quality, effective, and accessible products designed to enhance everyday experiences.

The company’s innovative approach combines powerful cannabinoids with all-natural active ingredients, delivering the purest and most potent products available.

VIIA continues to set industry standards by ensuring its products not only meet but exceed consumer expectations for quality and efficacy, paving the way for a new era in cannabis consumption.

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