Record-Breaking Attendance at Tampa’s Women’s Health and Cancer Prevention Event

TAMPA, Fla. – Over 500 women participated in AdventHealth’s 3rd Annual Women’s Health and Cancer Prevention Event on Saturday at the J.W. Marriott in Tampa.

This event provided attendees with health screenings and valuable insights from medical professionals on maintaining optimal health.

Balancing Health with a Busy Life

For many women, particularly working mothers, prioritizing personal health can be challenging.

“I always put my kids’ appointments with the dentist and the pediatrician first, and not so much my own.

Because we put ourselves last, we often neglect our care,” explained Dr. Rachel Burke, Medical Director at Kay Meyer Breast Care Center.

Simplifying Health Awareness

To address these challenges, Dr. Burke, in collaboration with AdventHealth, organized the Women’s Health and Cancer Prevention Event. Attendees benefited from health screenings, including cholesterol tests and blood pressure checks.

A significant focus was on the necessity of annual mammograms.

“I do my best work finding cancers when patients have no symptoms.

That’s when they’re in the earliest, smallest stages. We have the highest success rate when detected early. If patients wait until they have symptoms, the cancer is usually more advanced,” Dr. Burke emphasized.

The Importance of Early Detection

Dr. Burke stressed the importance of proactive health checks. Conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, or cancer might only be detectable through tests, often showing no physical symptoms initially.

Comprehensive Health Education

In addition to screenings, participants received comprehensive information on various health topics, from heart health to CPR training—medical professionals presented on subjects such as fad diets, insomnia, and aging gracefully.

Supporting a Greater Cause

Each attendee contributed a $10 donation to the Kay Meyer Breast Care Center. The proceeds will fund free mammograms for women in need.

“People who attend are motivated and interested in their healthcare, which is positive because there’s always something new to learn,” Dr. Burke noted.

Empowering Women for a Healthier Future

The 3rd Annual Women’s Health and Cancer Prevention Event demonstrated a strong commitment to empowering women to take control of their health.

By offering accessible screenings and educational resources, AdventHealth and Dr. Burke are making significant strides in promoting early detection and comprehensive health care.

This event highlighted the importance of routine health checks and fostered a community of informed and proactive women dedicated to leading healthier lives.

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