Patanjali vs. Dabur honey: a purity battle

Patanjali vs. Dabur honey: a purity battle

Patanjali vs. Dabur honey: a purity battle

Which is better: sugar or pure food without added sugar and other adulterants? 

Recently, CSE’s claims that honey sold by them is adulterated with sugar syrup [The Economic Times]

According to the study, all the big brands like Himalaya, Dabur, Zandu, Hitkari, and Patanjali failed the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) test.

We will Compare two brands Honey based on that are Patanjali and Dabur based on ingredients,pros and cons .

Lastly, I will tell you about some brands that pass the purity test of CSE and Fssai, and we will compare them too. 

You have come here to choose between Patanjali honey and Dabur honey, so let’s begin the comparison.


Patanjali honeyDabur honey
Pure honey (as the company claims)Pure honey (as the company claims)
Added sugar syrup (CSE claims) added sugar syrup  (CSE claims

Pros of Patanjali Honey and Dabur Honey

Patanjali honeyDabur honey
Cure cough and cold Cure cough and cold 
Boost immunity Boost immunity 
Sweet test Sweet test 
Sharpen memory Sharpen memory 
Antidepressants Antidepressants 
Soften skin Soften skin 
Heal woundsHeal wounds
Provide nutrients Provide nutrients 
Prevent heart disease Prevent heart disease 
Prevent diabetes type 2Prevent diabetes type 2
anti-aging property anti-aging property 
Antioxidant benefits Antioxidant benefits 
Prevent infection Prevent infection 
Promote good sleep.Promote good sleep.

*All these benefits are of honey, not any specific brand of honey like Patanjali or Dabur.

Cons of Patanjali honey and Dabur honey 

Patanjali vs. Dabur honey: a purity battle

Honey does not have any cons; it is safe for all age groups ( Not for Below 1 year of age) .

Brands Honey that passed NMR test 

Pure honey brandsBuying Link
Saffola honey:Saffola provides a pure form of honey, as proven by passing the NMR test of CSE.   Check price
Markfed Sohna: Other brands clear NMR tests by giving high-quality honey. Check price.
Nature’s Nectar: It also has a NMR test for purity. Check price

How to use honey

Take any time 2 to 3 teaspoons with or without lukewarm water.

The best time is before breakfast, as it boosts immunity.

Age group: any age. (Avoid giving a baby below 1 year of age.)

My recommendation

If you want to choose between the honey of Patanjali and Dabur, I prefer you to go with Dabur honey. It is my personal experience, as I tried both brands of honey, and I feel Dabur honey is better than Patanjali honey.

If you want 100 percent pure honey without any contradiction, go with Saffola, Nature’s Nectar, or Markfed sohna.

Patanjali honey and Dabur honey prices

QuantityPatanjali honey priceDabur honey price
1kg Rs. 370  Rs .395
500 g  Rs .215  Rs. 199
250 g Rs.83  Rs.114
Buying options –> Buy now   Buy now
*prices may change

Frequently asked questions 

Is Patanjali honey 100% pure? 

No, Patanjali honey is not 100% safe, as the purity test of CSE Patanjali honey failed to fulfill the NMR purity test.
CSE alleged that Patanjali and other brands like Dabur use Chinese corn syrup and other adulterants in honey.

Which brands have 100% pure honey? 

Brands like Nature’s Nectar, Saffola, and Markfed Sonaha have 100 percent pure honey. 

Can I take honey before a meal? 

You can take honey before or after a meal. Honey provides you with nutrients and other beneficial antioxidants that keep you away from cell damage caused by free radicals.

Does Patanjali or Dabur honey expire? 

There is no mentioned expiry date on the container of honey from both Patanjali; instead, it labels “best before.” That means we can use the honey up until this month, but according to research, honey never goes bad.

Patanjali honey vs. Dabur honey: which is better? 

To choose between Patanjali and Dabur honey I will recommend that you go for Dabur honey, as Dabur is the only company that has its own NMS purity test laboratory, and the company claims that it tests all its honey before exporting it into the market for sale.

Is Dabur Honey good for the face? 

When applying honey to the face, it makes the skin soft, shiny, and radiant.
Honey has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that reduce scars, acne, and dark pigment in the skin.
It is worth applying dabur honey to your face.

Does Dabur honey contain adulterants? 

According to CSE allegations, Dabur honey contains adulterants, but Dabur honey claims they make pure honey without any adulterants, and Dabur is the only brand that has NMS test facilities in his laboratory for purity testing

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