Beardo Ultraglow and activated charcoal facewash review

Beardo Ultraglow and activated charcoal face wash for men Review.

In your busy life, you are not keeping your face clean thus the skin becomes dull, dry, and dirty skin tone is lost and your face looks much older than your age. Running towards your office and all the pollution of traffic and roads make your skin prone to pimples and dark spots that lead to the appearance of wrinkles.

Beardo ultra glow and activated charcoal face wash help in removing dust, and moisture skin, and are specially designed for men’s tough skin.

Product Description:

Beardo ultra glow and activated charcoal face wash are designed by beardo to keep skin problems of men. It is not like another face wash; it is specially designed for the tough skin of men.

Beardo ultraglow and activated face wash are useful for oil control, traffic pollution, and acne control.

Beardo Ultraglow facewash and activated charcoal
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Why is it so effective?

Aloe vera extract:- Aloe vera is the oldest plant used as a medicine in India thousands of health benefits are known now. 

Aloe vera smoothens skin, prevents skin irritation, and relieves skin itching and swelling. Aloe vera also has antiseptic and antimicrobial properties.

Aloe vera is used in many cosmetics and face washes for its anti-aging, detoxifying, and cell repairing properties and this is what it does in beardo face wash.

Red algae extract:- 

Red alga is an abundant source of bioactive compounds and cosmeceutical action and it is used in beardo face wash due to its anti-aging, anti-wrinkles, and protection from UV radiation.

Red algae were used since ancient times for glowing skin and treating infection.

White lily extract:-  white lily extracts are used in beardo face wash and have glowing actions, antiseptic, and anti-aging properties to brighten the skin, improve skin tone and give attractive skin.

Menthol:- menthol is good for skin causing temporary pain relief and shining skin.

Activated charcoal:- activated charcoal help in removing dirt, dust, dead skin, pollutant and improving skin texture, and making skin glow more. It reduces acne breakout and controls oiliness hance keeps skin healthy.

Product details:-

  • Brand:- Beardo
  • Item form:- wash 
  • Age range:- Adult
  • Skin type:- All
  • Item weight:- 250g 
  • Scent:- Activated charcoal
  • Country of origin:- India


  • Activated charcoal
  • Aloe Vera extract
  • Red algae extract
  • White lily extract
  • Menthol.  

Benefits of beardo Ultraglow and activated charcoal face wash



Benefits of Beardo Ultraglow facewash


  • Glow skin by removing dead skin cells.

  • Reducing wrinkles makes skin look younger.

  • Protect skin from UV radiation hence preventing skin cancer

  • Parabens free

  • Silicon free

  • Phthalates free.

  • Cruelty-free

  • 100% plant-based 

  • Antiseptic properties prevent infection.

  • Remove dirt, dust, and pollution from the skin.

  • Make skin shine and look more attractive. 

  • Effective for oily skin

  • Moisture dry skin.

  • Reduce pimples and dark spots on the face.

Side effects of Beardo ultraglow and activated charcoal face wash

  • Sometimes it may cause allergic reactions if it happens you stop using it.

  • No other side effects were seen.

Directions of use:-

  • Take a small amount on your palm 
  • Gently apply on your face and massage slowly.
  • Rinse the face with clean tap water.

My recommendation:-

After studying the beardo ultraglow and activated charcoal I recommend it to you if you are looking for a good and effective face wash. Good thing is that it is chemical free and you can use it for a long time. It makes your skin glow and reduces pimples and sunburn.

This post is sponsored and not for generating sales; this is an honest review of the product.

Benefits of activated charcoal facewash

But if you see any allergic reactions after applying it, immediately wash it and don’t try to use it again. Sometimes your skin may be prone to some allergic reactions like aloe vera or red algae so be sure you don’t have any history of allergy before buying this.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a 15-year-old boy use beardo ultra glow and activated charcoal face wash?

It is designed for adult men’s skin but as it is natural so no harm if a 15-year-old boy uses it.

Does activated charcoal in the beardo face wash be used for whitening skin?

Activated charcoal removes dust, oil, pollution, and dead skin cells from the skin thus whitening skin to some extent but it does not harm natural skin tone.

Can I use regular soap after applying beardo ultraglow and activated charcoal face wash?

No if you use regular soap after beardo face wash you can’t see the actual results of it. Regular soap is harsh on your soft skin as it contains chemicals so avoid using soap after face wash.

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