Ayura origins nature's diabetes fix powder review

AYURA ORIGINS Nature’s Diabetes Fix, Powder Review | control blood sugar with pure insulin Leaves.

 Hey everyone, I’m your friend. After a gross study of ayura origins and nature’s diabetes fixes powder [review] I’m writing this review.  As a medical professional, I know about minor benefits, and side effects, and I only recommend any product if I feel it is safe and effective for your health and give you an honest review of Ayura origins, nature’s diabetes fix, powder that controls blood sugar levels with the effective ingredient Pure Costus Igneus Leaves.

Diabetes is a condition in which your organ pancreas decreases the production of the hormone called insulin or becomes insulin resistant.

(Before using any products for treating diabetes you must consult your doctor.)

Product Description:

Since oral hypoglycemia agents possess various side effects, there is a growing demand for herbal remedies for the treatment of diabetes mellitus and Ayura origins nature’s diabetes fix powder is a natural insulin leaf-based blood sugar controlling product.

Insulin leaves have been used in the treatment of diabetes since ancient times.

Naturally, insulin leaf plants are found in South and Central American herbs and were recently introduced in India for their effectiveness in treating diabetes type 2 patients.

What are insulin leaves(Costus Igneus)?

Costus igneus, commonly known as spiral plant, is a member of Costaceae and a newly introduced plant in India from South and Central America.

According to research at researchgate, an insulin plant contains various phytochemical constituents like steroids, alkaloids, flavonoids, triterpene, glycosides, and saponins.

Its leaves are used as dietary supplements for the treatment of Diabetes mellitus i.e. type 2 Diabetes.

The catchphrase of the plant is:” a leaf a day keeps diabetes away”.

Insulin plant leaves
Insulin plant leaves 

Insulin plant leaves powder present in Ayura origins nature’s Diabetes fix has an effective hypoglycemic property that controls blood sugar levels by inducing beta cells of the pancreas.

If your body is non-responsive to insulin then insulin leaves increase the metabolism of the body and make cells responsive to insulin.

It reduces fasting as well as blood glucose levels. But the exact mechanism of action is not known. It also maintains your body weight, prevents renal disease, and controls the level of a marked decrease in hemoglobin.

Benefits of AYURA ORIGINS Nature’s Diabetes Fix,insulin plant powder:-

  • Anti Diabetic effects:- Insulin plant is mostly used in products like ayura origins diabetes fix to reduce blood sugar level 
  • Anti-inflammatory effects:- chronic inflammation is a risk factor for diabetes and insulin leaves present in this product reduce your inflammatory response
  • Anti-proliferative:- Due to this property it reduces risk factors for cancer 
  • Diabetes can reduce your learning and memory capacity but consuming this product containing insulin leaves increased learning capacity memory. 

Product Details:-

  • Brand name:- AYURA ORIGINS
  • Product benefits:-Diabetes control and detoxing 
  • Item form:- Powder
  • Dosage form:- Powder
  • Help you:- maintain blood sugar levels
  • Flavor:- Mildly Tangy
  • Country of Origin:- INDIA
  • Diet type:- Vegetarian 
Storage Instructions:
Keep stored in a cool and dry place. No refrigeration necessary

Legal Disclaimer:

This is a natural wellness health food supplement. This product is not designed to treat or cure any disease. Please consult your Doctor or medical professionals before consumption. This product is non-toxic


  • Pure Insulin leaves powder (Costus Igneus Powder)

Nutritional value:-
  • Carbohydrate: 69.85g/100g

  • Energy: 356.50 Kcal/100g

  • Fat: 2.54 g/100g

  • Protein: 13.56 g/100g

  • Total Sugars (naturally occurring): 4.53 g/100g

About brand Ayura Origins:-

Ayura makes herbal health supplements according to FSSAI guidelines and it is registered with USFDA and sells its products globally.

All range of products in s specialized food-grade supplement that addresses chronic illness and makes you healthy and fit.

What do I like about Ayura origins nature’s diabetes fix?

  • It’s herbal and based on ancient knowledge of our culture 

  • Insulin leaves are the most effective in the treatment of diabetes type 2 

  • Contains pure Costus Igneus powder. It is 100 % vegetarian, chemical free, and non-toxic

  • Oral hypoglycemic drugs have many side effects but Costus Igneus is natural and doesn’t have any side effects.

  • It controls blood glucose levels as well as maintains the body weight, prevents renal disease, and controls hemoglobin.

  • It activates beta cells of the pancreas, to release insulin.

  • fssai approved product 

  • No preservatives.

  • Recommended by most doctors and health professionals.

Ayura origins nature's Diabetes fix Powder review
What I don’t like about the product:-
  • Unavailable at an offline store

How to use:

  • Add 1 spoon of ayura origins diabetes fix powder to 150ml of hot water 

  • Stir well and let it sit

  • Consume it 2 times a day for 20- 25 days to see the results.

My recommendation:-

We are requesting you consult your doctor before using any natural products in your daily routine life.

If you are using any other medicines then you can take them with them also at different time intervals but you should consult your doctor before consuming them.

As a medical professional, I never recommend any health products to you without knowing your health conditions.

If you have mild diabetes or just started seeing your blood sugar level increase then you can take this product but if you have serious problems then run to the doctor who will advise you and treat your diabetes.

You can use Ayura origins nature’s diabetes fix powder when you start controlling your serious high blood glucose levels to normal it will help you.

Side effects:-

No such side effects were seen

Frequently asked questions:-

Q.1 Can insulin leaves cure high blood sugar

Ans:- yes according to research insulin leaves act as antidiabetic thus reducing blood sugar level

Q.2 Ayura origins nature’s diabetes fix powder effectively helps in diabetes?

Ans:- yes it helps in naturally controlling diabetes.

Q.3 Can Children use Ayura origins nature’s diabetes fix powder?

Ans:- No you must consult a doctor before giving it to children.

Q.4 Insulin leaves are bitter?

Ans:-  Yes a kind of but not that much you can easily eat them

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